is made of special materials having abrasive grains inside and is bonded with PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and thermosetting resins. With such synthetic fibers and PVA bond, UB grinding wheel has an elasticity which provides super fine finish, scratch free uniformed surface finish, high efficiency and other various advantages, with high cutting power.
>>>Automotive parts
Piston rods of shock absorber, Steering rack bars, Rocker arm shafts, Motor cycle front inner tubes, Gas spring and damper rods, Engine valves, Hydraulic cylinder rods, Motor cycle rims, Steel bars and others
>>>Watch case
Stainless steel watch case
>>>Specialty steel cold rolling & heat treatment plants
Hi-carbon steel strips
Hi-Nickel alloy steel strips
Copper based alloy steel strips
>>>Power plant
Turbine blade

bonded with PVA(polyvinyl alcohol), has proved itself to be the best elastic grinding wheel/stone for polishing and finishing jobs.
>>>Watch industries
Watch case, watch dials
>>>Computer parts
Aluminum memory discs, spacer rings
>>>Car industries
PVA blocks for car body after painting
>>>Other applications
Stainless steep pipes & sinks

composed of peculiar bond, pores and grains with PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) and thermo-setting resin, provide high precision grinding and finishing.
>>>High precision grinding
Mirror finishing of stainless steel sheet,
Copper cylinder for roto-gravure printing,
Fine ceramic pins,
Super finishing,
Pins & shafts of audio equipment,
Magnetic heads of VTR,
Printer shafts for computer,
Glass sheet bevel and others.