Elastic UB grinding wheel
Vitrified bonded grinding wheel
Resinoid bonded grinding wheel
Rubber bonded grinding wheel

Centerless grinder
Super finishing machine
Double disc grinder
Buffing machine
Straightening machine
Surface grinder
Internal grinder and
Other grinders

Diamond tools
Sintered carbide tipped blade
Ceramic tipped blade
Measuring and balancing apparatus
Non standard items are available upon request.
Please provide us with drawings for enquiry.
>>> Piston rods of shock absorber, steering rack bars, rocker arm shafts, motor cycle front inner tubes, gas spring and damper rods, engine valves, hydraulic cylinder rods, steel bars, motor cycle brake piston
>>> Computer printer shafts, micro motor shafts, teflon roll for copy machine, magnetic roll for copy machine, ejector pin for mold